If Time is built within Our Self's,
then Time is Our Self's as result of Time it Self.

As the Monkey who doesn't listen, lost in a world unseen,
I embark on a Shamanic Quest, a dream within my being.
Illusions guide my steps, a vision I hold here,
But to make it real, I seek Tiger and Dragon near to me.

In this moment of wonder, I tread with uncertainty,
Yearning to break free from the chains of my own reality.
With eyes closed, I envision a path of shields before me,
A journey that requires the Tiger and Dragon's camaraderie.

Oh, wise Tiger, with your sight keen and true,
Unveil the hidden truths, illuminate the path I must pursue.
Guide me through the maze of illusions and deceit,
So my dream may manifest, my purpose complete.

Mighty Dragon, keeper of silent wisdom profound,
Grant me the power to speak, to break free from this bound.
Teach me the language of ancient core and insight,
That I may find my voice and take flight.

Together, as a trio, we transcend the limits of our mind,
The Monkey, the Tiger, and Dragon, harmonizing day and night.
With a path of shields in hand, we forge ahead with bravery,
Creating a reality that surpasses mere reverie.

Oh, I can open my ears,
To the whispers of guidance that dispel my fears.
Embrace Monkey's vision, the Dragon's silent speech,
And our Shamanic Quest dream, within us, we will reach.

In the flow of life's dance, we find unity and connection,
Each sign contributing to our shared human reflection.
With the Tiger's sight, the Dragon's wisdom spoken,
We weave a concert of dreams, with barriers broken.

So, let the Monkey in me, awake and see,
The power within, the path that's meant to be.
With Tiger and Dragon, united as one,
We'll make this Shamanic Quest Dream, as reality, brightly spun.