In the mystical world where dreams take flight,
Awakening whispers in the depths of the night.
Guided by the wisdom of ancient Kabala's core,
The dreams unfurl, unlocking secrets more.

Within the Tree of Life, pathways combine,
Revealing glimpses of a destiny so divine.
The Sephirot shimmer, radiant spheres of light,
Each holding keys to the mysteries of insight.

As dreams unfold, symbols come alive,
Portals to worlds where truths reside.
The Magician's wand, a spark of creation's fire,
Ignites the dreams, awakening deep desire.

The High Priestess guards the secrets untold,
Veiled in mystic knowledge, her wisdom unfolds.
The Chariot races through worlds of the mind,
Harnessing dreams, guided by will combined.

The Tower crumbles, illusions shattered,
Awakening souls to truths that truly mattered.
And in the Empress' embrace, fertile and grand,
Dreams manifest, nurtured by her gentle hand.

The Fool leaps, fearless in the quest for truth,
Embracing the unknown, in pursuit of youth.
And on the Wheel of Fortune, dreams spin and turn,
Destiny's dance, as the lessons we discern.

Through dreams, the Kabala's essence we find,
An awakening of the spirit, transcending time.
Symbols and archetypes, woven in dreams' embrace,
Unlocking the mysteries of the cosmic space.

So as you dream, let Kabala's wisdom ignite,
Awakening visions, expanding your inner sight.
May your dreams be a journey, a sacred key,
To the depths of your soul, where truth shall be.