Beneath the golden rays that bless the Earth,
A path unfolds, of ancient Sun's rebirth.
The Sun Keepers, guardians of celestial flame,
Embrace the cosmic dance, in honor of its name.

They walk the path where sunlit footprints tread,
Through worlds of light, where mysteries are spread.
Their souls alight with fiery passion's glow,
Unveiling secrets only the sun can show.

In temples ancient, they gather and commune,
Eyes turned skyward, basking in solar rune.
With hearts ablaze, they channel radiant might,
Harnessing sunbeams, igniting inner light.

Each step they take, a sacred solar dance,
Weaving cosmic threads in vibrant expanse.
They honor the sun's power, a sacred trust,
Nurturing its flame, in a world so unjust.

Through ancient rituals, they channel the sun's grace,
Inscribed upon their souls, its fiery embrace.
They carry wisdom born from ages past,
Guiding seekers to embrace their inner vast.

In solstice's glow, they celebrate with glee,
The sun's rebirth, a symbol of eternity.
They chant in harmony, invoking cosmic force,
Embracing solar energy as their divine source.

Through trials and tribulations, they remain,
Protectors of light, their purpose to sustain.
The path of the Sun Keepers, a radiant quest,
To shine their light, and bring the world its best.

So let us join them, in this sacred rite,
Walking the path of the sun's eternal light.
In unity and harmony, we'll forge our way,
As Sun Keepers, illuminating each new day.