In the world of existence, where echoes of time reside,
There lies a condition where souls begin to confide,
For those who neglect to tend to their own well-being,
The will of 道 steps forth, its wisdom intervening.

Persons of the chaos and clamor of life's grand stage,
The forgotten fragments of self, trapped in a cage,
道 gentle touch stirs, whispers of the past,
Guiding lost souls to embrace a truth that will last.

It calls upon the weary to remember their worth,
To nurture their spirits, to reclaim their birth,
For in the depths of self-care, a journey unfolds,
Where healing and renewal emerge from stories untold.

The will of 道, a beacon of light,
Illuminates the path, dispelling the night,
With fragments of wisdom and forgotten core,
It reminds us to love ourselves, to explore.

In this cosmic dance, where destiny is connected,
The will of 道 emerges, a treasure to find,
For those who forget to care for their own soul,
道 guidance awakens, making them whole.