In a world of endless dreams and skies so wide,
We stand as beacons, filled with purpose and pride.
For we are here, united, with a calling so clear,
To ignite the flames of change, without fear.

With hearts ablaze, we march through the night,
Guided by a vision, shining ever so bright.
We are the catalysts, the ones who dare,
To challenge the status quo, with relentless care.

Through the depths of struggle, we find our might,
Embracing the shadows, igniting the light.
With unwavering conviction, we take a stand,
For we are the change-makers, hand in hand.

From the whispers of doubt, we rise above,
Empowering each other with boundless love.
We break the chains that hinder our way,
Embracing transformation, day by day.

We are the artists, painting on the paint of time,
Creating a world where harmony will chime.
With passion as our palette, we dare to create,
A future that transcends any limit or gate.

Through empathy and kindness, we sow the seed,
Of compassion and understanding, the world so needs.
In unity we thrive, bound by a common thread,
For we are here for change, where hope is spread.

No mountain too high, no challenge too great,
We embrace the journey, unafraid of our fate.
For the power lies within us, radiant and strong,
Together, we rise, embracing change like a song.

So let us stand tall, for the world to see,
The agents of change that we were meant to be.
With every step we take, let the message resound,
We are here for change, with purpose profound.