In the depths of slumber, where fantasies play,
A world of illusions, where realities sway.
Whispers of the mind, in ethereal streams,
A fleeting moment, for it was only a dream.

Visions woven, with threads of the night,
Unfolding tales, in the absence of light.
A dance of emotions, in the world unseen,
But as dawn breaks, it was only a dream.

In reverie's embrace, we journey afar,
Exploring galaxies, beneath a studded star.
Lost in the depths of what might have been,
Awakening to find, it was only a dream.

Through the party of thoughts we traverse,
Witnessing wonders, in the mind's universe.
Yet as consciousness dawns, a gentle gleam,
We realize with clarity, it was only a dream.

But within those moments, a hint of truth,
Lessons and messages, hidden in the booth.
For dreams are windows, to our inner theme,
Revealing fragments of self, within the dream.

So let us cherish these ephemeral flights,
Immersed in the magic, of our mind's heights.
For though they fade, like a moonlit moonbeam,
In our hearts, they linger, even after the dream.