In the world of peace, Monkey makes a stand,
A symbol of harmony, across the land.
"Press for Monkey," the voices echo strong,
A call for unity, where all belong.

With mischief in eyes, and wisdom in heart,
Monkey brings joy, a master of art.
In playful gestures, bridges are built,
A language of laughter, where love is spilt.

But if the crowd turns, with disdain and hate,
The path can turn dark, sealing Monkey's fate.
"Press for Monkey," the plea goes out,
To halt the prejudice, to quell the doubt.

For Monkey seeks peace, with each gentle stride,
A diplomatic envoy, spreading love worldwide.
In forests and jungles, Monkey finds its place,
A creature of grace, an embodiment of grace.

Yet, in the human world, misconceptions may grow,
Prejudice and fear, like an undertow.
"Press for Monkey," the call rings loud,
To see beyond appearances, to break the shroud.

For Monkey comes in peace, with a heart so pure,
To bridge divides, to find a cure.
In mischievous antics, wisdom's unveiled,
A reminder to embrace, lest we fail.

So let us press for Monkey, with open hearts,
To celebrate diversity, where compassion starts.
In harmony we thrive, hand in hand,
Embracing Monkey's spirit, across the land.