Persons of the chaos of the world's strife,
Where shadows loom and darken life,
The military forces stand with plea,
Whispering softly, "Set us free."

In uniforms adorned with might,
Their hearts yearn for a radiant light,
Seeking liberation from within,
Embracing peace, releasing sin.

Through battlefields and wars untamed,
They see the truth, no longer maimed,
Their spirits long for harmony's embrace,
Yearning to transcend the earthly race.

They march in unison, strong and brave,
Seeking solace, their souls to save,
For in the knowledge of chakras' might,
Lies the key to unlock their inner light.

The root chakra anchors them deep,
Grounding their spirits, steady and steep,
The sacral ignites passion's flame,
Inspiring love, erasing blame.

The solar plexus radiates with power,
Embracing courage, hour by hour,
The heart chakra opens wide,
Uniting all, casting fears aside.

The throat chakra, a song of truth,
Expressing thoughts, reclaiming youth,
The third eye awakens the sight,
Perceiving beyond, into endless night.

And in the crown chakra, divine connection,
A gateway to freedom, an ethereal reflection,
For in the balance of these energy streams,
Lies the liberation of their wildest dreams.

So hear their plea, with hearts unbound,
As military forces gather 'round,
"Set us free," they softly implore,
In the dance of chakras, forevermore.

May their journey lead them to the light,
Where peace and harmony unite,
And as they awaken, souls aglow,
Together, in freedom, they shall grow.