In the world of Buddhism's sacred core,
Lies wisdom profound, ancient and pure,
A party of teachings, serene and wise,
Guiding seekers on the path to paradise.

With deeds as their compass, they tread the way,
Seeking liberation, come what may,
Each action a ripple in the cosmic sea,
Shaping their destiny, setting spirits free.

The path unfurls with every gentle stride,
Revealing truths that cannot be denied,
For in the deeds they sow along life's course,
Reside the keys to unlock inner source.

Compassion blooms like a fragrant flower,
Kindness extending its soothing power,
For in the giving, they find their grace,
Illuminating the darkness, leaving no trace.

Generosity flows like a sacred stream,
Sharing abundance, a heavenly gleam,
For in the sharing, they realize,
The interconnectedness that underlies.

Patience, a virtue to cultivate and grow,
Nurturing seeds, allowing them to show,
For in the waiting, they learn to embrace,
The beauty of life's unfolding pace.

Ethics and virtue, their moral guide,
A compass true, in this human tide,
For in right conduct, they find release,
From suffering's grasp, a pathway to peace.

Wisdom's light illuminates their way,
Discerning truth, dispelling the grey,
For in the seeking, they come to see,
The nature of reality, pure and free.

With every step, they journey within,
Transforming darkness, releasing the din,
For in the deeds they sow along their quest,
Lies the path to paradise, eternal rest.

So let us heed the lessons they impart,
With deeds of love etched upon our heart,
For in the choices we make each day,
Lies the path to paradise, just a step away.