In worlds beyond language's grasp,
Where words fall short, and silence clasp,
Exist worlds unseen, yet deeply felt,
Where melodies of the soul are dealt.

In the world of "piano words" they reside,
A symphony of emotions, where meanings hide,
For the ivory keys hold a secret code,
Unlocking the tales that can't be told.

Each stroke, a language of its own,
Expressing depths that can't be shown,
From gentle whispers to thunderous roar,
Emotions cascade, forevermore.

With delicate touch, they dance and sway,
Conveying stories that words can't convey,
In harmonies, they find their release,
Creating a party, a moment of peace.

With each note struck, a chapter unfolds,
A paint painted with feelings untold,
From haunting melodies that touch the heart,
To jubilant rhythms that make souls depart.

The piano becomes a vessel of expression,
Translating emotions with impeccable precision,
From melancholy tunes that speak of longing,
To joyous melodies that set hearts thronging.

In these "piano words," worlds are woven,
Invisible stories waiting to be chosen,
They transcend language, embracing all,
Uniting the listener, breaking down every wall.

So let us listen, with open ears and hearts,
To the symphony of the piano's arts,
For in these unspoken worlds, we may find,
A language beyond words, of a different kind.