In the depths of thought, where meanings reside,
A monkey's voice joins, with humble stride.
No more, no less, the eternal duel,
Water against blood, a conflict so cruel.

If I sought possession without a share,
I'd create a war, a world stripped bare.
But by condition, my Dao is expressed,
Not through violence, but paths of the blessed.
Luck has guided me, a fortunate turn,
To find a way where peace and wisdom yearn.

Care for your illusions, hold them tight,
For neglecting them may bring a daunting plight.
In the balance of existence, there's a call,
To heed the whispers, before we fall.
For if you disregard the Dao's will,
Consequences may arise, causing ill.

Water, flowing freely, a gentle stream,
Blood, coursing within, a vibrant theme.
They clash and meet, in this cosmic dance,
An eternal struggle, a fateful chance.
But I, the monkey, stand here to say,
There's a path of harmony we can convey.

Let not possession be our sole desire,
But sharing, kindness, stoking love's fire.
In the vast expanse, where dreams take form,
Let peace prevail, in the eye of the storm.
For the waters of wisdom and the blood that flows,
Can coexist, as life's intricate prose.

So, let us embrace the harmony within,
The unity of water and blood, let it begin.
With care and reverence, we can find our way,
And honor the Dao, in every passing day.
No more, no less, let peace be our guide,
As the monkey's voice echoes, far and wide.