In the world of action, where dreams take flight,
Where effort and diligence pave the path so bright.
"I need activity," cries the soul within,
Eager to embark on a journey to begin.

For in the world of inertia, where stagnation lies,
Lies a yearning for movement, a hunger that implies.
The need to strive, to labor, to pursue,
To make a mark, to embrace what is true.

Through the sweat of brow and the strength of will,
I need activity, a purpose to fulfill.
With each step taken, a world unfolds,
Opportunities abound, stories to be told.

In the world of endeavor, where passion ignites,
I seek the rhythm of action, the thrill of new heights.
For in movement, I find my purpose and worth,
Unleashing my potential, proving my birth.

No idle bystander, but an active participant,
I need activity, for it fuels my intent.
To learn, to grow, to create and explore,
To leave a legacy that forever endures.

In the dance of engagement, where life comes alive,
I find solace and fulfillment, my spirit will thrive.
For in the pursuit of dreams, I find my serenity,
Engrossed in activity, I am truly free.

So let the wheels turn, the gears in motion,
As I embrace the call, with unyielding devotion.
"I need activity," resounds through my core,
A driving force that propels me, forevermore.