In the world of devotion, where traditions reside,
A party woven with reverence and pride,
The last days of sacrifice, a sacred rite,
Where flames flicker, casting ethereal light.

From ancient times, this ritual sublime,
A sacred bond between mortal and divine,
A dance of surrender, an act of devotion,
Offerings made with heartfelt emotion.

The air is heavy with fragrant incense,
As hymns and prayers echo, intense,
The altar adorned, a symbol of grace,
Preparing for the final act, a sacred embrace.

In the last days of sacrifice, souls unite,
With fervent hearts, aflame with holy might,
Surrendering desires, relinquishing the self,
Finding solace in the divine, beyond earthly wealth.

The sacrificial fire, a transformative force,
Consuming ego, igniting a spiritual course,
Embers flicker, carrying hopes and dreams,
As smoke rises, carrying prayers, it seems.

For in this sacred act, a connection is made,
A bridge to the divine, where souls are swayed,
Through sacrifice, they seek divine intervention,
A glimpse of eternity, a transcendent ascension.

In the last days of sacrifice, they find release,
The burdens of life, their souls find peace,
A journey of surrender, where faith is renewed,
In the sacred fire's glow, their spirits imbued.

So let the flames dance, in their vibrant blaze,
As the last days of sacrifice bring forth new ways,
To connect with the divine, in humble surrender,
Embracing grace, transcending the temporal splendor.