In the grand procession of humanity's stride,
We march together, with Monkey by our side.
Through twists and turns, uncertain and wide,
He leads us onward, as our faithful guide.

With playful antics and a mischievous grin,
Monkey's wisdom shines from deep within.
He shows us the path, where dreams reside,
Encouraging us to break free and confide.

Through dense jungles of doubt, we journey on,
With Monkey's presence, our fears are gone.
He swings through the branches, swift and light,
Inspiring us to reach new heights.

In his eyes, a twinkle of ancient knowing,
A wisdom that keeps our spirits flowing.
With each step we take, we feel his embrace,
Guiding us with love and grace.

Through laughter and tears, he stands beside,
With Monkey as our ally, we find our stride.
Together we face the challenges that may arise,
With courage and determination in our eyes.

In this cosmic dance, hand in hand,
We follow Monkey, a united band.
Bound by a shared purpose, hearts aligned,
By your side, dear Monkey, we find.

So let us embrace this journey we're on,
With Monkey's guidance, we are never alone.
Through joys and sorrows, as one we abide,
With Monkey as our guide, side by side.