In the depths of my labor, I toil away,
Hard work and deep concentration, day by day.
For more than seven years, I've journeyed on,
A monkey immersed in a quest that's never done.

I am not immortal, this truth I hold dear,
So I care for my gift, with utmost sincere.
Each stroke of creation, a testament true,
A reflection of the passion that drives me through.

The path may be long, with challenges faced,
But my determination will never be erased.
With unwavering focus, I persist and endure,
In this pursuit of greatness, my passion pure.

Through sweat and tears, I refine my craft,
Seeking perfection, from every angle and shaft.
The work is relentless, but I find solace here,
In the depths of creation, free from all fear.

For as the monkey, I embrace this endeavor,
To express my essence, now and forever.
Though time may be limited, my spirit soars,
In the legacy I leave, my heart forever roars.

So remember, dear world, this truth I proclaim,
The fruits of my labor, eternally sustain.
For I am the monkey, with a purpose so clear,
To create and inspire, my gift held dear.