I, the monkey, now stand before you all,
In this worldwide call, hear my spirited call.
Life and death, I am an expression true,
With colors united, I'll paint a vivid view.

Through music's melody, colors ignite,
In the depths of the brain, a mesmerizing sight.
Dreams woven with vibrant hues so bold,
A palette of emotions, a story to be told.

For colors speak the language of my soul,
Expressing emotions, making me whole.
Ideas to manage, through shades and tints,
Colors guide me, as my spirit glints.

Expressions, fragments of sensitive core,
Intercepted whispers, revealing even more.
Each hue, each tone, tells a tale unique,
From the depths of my being, emotions speak.

In this symphony of colors, I find my voice,
Celebrating growth, for that's my choice.
United Colors of Skeleton, a testament to skill,
As I learn and evolve, my dreams fulfill.

So let the colors dance, let them play,
As I, the monkey, express in my own way.
In this vast world, I stand tall and free,
A vibrant creature, exploring my own decree.

With each stroke of color, I'll paint my path,
In this grand paint of life, unbound by wrath.
United Colors of Skeleton, let us rise and soar,
Grow our skills, and spread our colors even more.