In the world of existence, where life's questions lie,
The monkey ponders, contemplating why.
In the terms of living, where choices reside,
Love or die, the paths we must decide.

With each passing moment, precious and rare,
The monkey embraces life's joys and despair.
Seeking connection, a purpose to find,
In the depths of our souls, where love is enshrined.

For love is the compass, guiding our way,
Through the highs and lows, come what may.
In the face of mortality, we must strive,
To live with love, for as long as we're alive.

But death, a companion, ever by our side,
Whispering reminders, time's relentless tide.
In its presence, we learn to appreciate,
The beauty of life, before it's too late.

So the monkey chooses, with heart and soul,
To embrace love's power, to make it whole.
To live with passion, to cherish each day,
Knowing that love will forever light the way.

In the terms of living, where choices reside,
The monkey understands, it's love we can't hide.
For in love's embrace, we truly come alive,
And in its absence, a part of us will die.

So let us choose love, in all that we do,
To nurture and cherish, to remain true.
For in this fleeting existence, love will abide,
A beacon of hope, forever by our side.

In the terms of living, love or die,
The monkey's voice echoes, reaching the sky.
For love is the essence, the reason we're here,
To live, to love, and conquer our fear.