In the world of choices, where paths unfold,
Lies the essence of life, stories yet untold.
Our try, not our choice, the guiding thread,
A dance with fate, where destiny is spread.

In time, we take our place,
Navigating the labyrinth, seeking grace.
With each step forward, a choice we make,
Yet often it feels like a cosmic shake.

For in this world of possibilities, we find,
Our will in relation with the big design.
Though we strive and endeavor with all our might,
The final outcome remains out of sight.

Our try, not our choice, a humble plea,
To surrender to the currents, to let it be.
For in the surrender, we find our power,
To embrace the journey, hour by hour.

The roads we tread, lined with uncertainty,
Yet woven within is profound beauty.
With each stumble, a lesson to be learned,
A chance to grow, to evolve, unearned.

Through triumph and failure, we persevere,
Chasing dreams, conquering fear.
Our try, not our choice, a testament strong,
To the resilience within, where we belong.

In life, our threads combine,
Connected by a force, divine and sublime.
For in the cosmic symphony, we find our voice,
Resonating with the mantra, "Our Try, Not Our Choice".