This is the Last Warning, heed it well,
A plea to Care, a tale to tell.
Care for yourself, in body and mind,
Nurture your soul, leave no love behind.

Care for others, extend a helping hand,
Embrace compassion, let kindness expand.
Care for animals, their innocence pure,
Protect their lives, their spirits ensure.

Care for nature, our precious Earth,
Preserve its beauty, for all its worth.
Care for water, the lifeblood we share,
Conserve its essence, handle it with care.

Care for intelligence, seek knowledge wide,
Expand your horizons, let wisdom be your guide.
Care for creativity, let imagination soar,
Unleash the artist within, forevermore.

Care for society, build bridges, not walls,
Embrace diversity, as unity calls.
Care for power, wield it with grace,
Use it wisely, in every rightful place.

Care for respect, in every interaction,
Value each person, regardless of faction.
But heed this warning, as Tao whispers near,
A future without care, a world to fear.

For if we disregard, as Dao's touch reveals,
No text, no music, no logic, no appeals.
No explanation, no game, no fun,
Only emptiness, when care is undone.

So let this Last Warning, echo in your heart,
A call to action, a chance to restart.
Embrace the power of care, let it ignite,
A world filled with love, shining bright.