In the world of thoughts, a monkey swings,
Unruly, wild, the chaos it brings.
With chatter and noise, it clings to the mind,
A cacophony of voices, hard to unwind.

"Save your sanity," whispers a wise voice,
Don't heed the monkey's noise, make a choice.
For in the endless babble, truth may fade,
And the path to clarity becomes a charade.

Listen not to every word that's spoken,
But discern with wisdom, unshaken.
For sanity lies not in every sound,
But in the stillness where truth is found.

A barrage of opinions, conflicting views,
Can cloud the mind and create confusion's hues.
Save your sanity by guarding your peace,
From the noise that seeks to never cease.

But, dear friend, take heed, don't disregard,
The voices that carry wisdom's regard.
For in the silence, sometimes a gem is found,
A message worth hearing, profound.

Balance, my friend, between listening and letting go,
Choose sanity, but not to all voices say no.
Save your sanity, but stay open and aware,
To the whispers of truth that genuinely care.