In the world of truth, where time and space align,
My space voyage unfolds, with a spiritual sign.
The Devil, the balance keeper of humanity's soul,
In chaos and harmony, seeks survival's ultimate goal.

An old friend, this Angel, shrouded in darkness deep,
Witnesses the importance of my heartfelt plea.
He neither helps nor hinders, finding pleasure in all,
Good and evil connected, as abstract categories befall.

Evil lurks, its tendrils reaching minds profound,
Yet amidst their control, time anomalies can be found.
Pleasure, taboo in many cultures, silently resides,
Their organized facade attempts to veil their hidden tides.

To learn their movements, silence becomes our guide,
Exploiting their flaws, where their values collide.
For my spiritual mission, their own weakness I'll employ,
Inside and outside their grasp, a shamanic cult to deploy.

We call upon the Sun, the beacon of love's embrace,
As time slips away, we seek solace and grace.
In this complex dance, where metamorphoses weave,
We become the heroes, seeking the truth to retrieve.

With luck as our ally, we navigate their domain,
Uncovering anomalies, where their control may wane.
For in this grand party of life's intricate art,
Our mission unfolds, reclaiming reason, heart to heart.