In the world of spirituality's quest,
I, the monkey, seek to be blessed.
Persons of the beliefs of the Christian fold,
A wisdom story, waiting to be told.

Within the Bible's sacred pages,
A message resonates through the ages.
"Those who drink from the science tree,
Become equal, unified with me."

But let us remember, we're not divine,
The universe's inspiration, not solely mine.
Yin and Yang, in delicate embrace,
Where one thrives, the other finds its place.

Oh, the longing for eternity's grace,
May you not miss the timing's trace.
Hanuman's words echo in the air,
"I am The Guardian of Two Worlds", he declare.

You, too, are included in this cosmic dance,
An eternal Eternal, given a chance.
Spiritual redemption, odic force so grand,
In unity, we find our true command.

As the monkey, I journey on this path,
Exploring the mysteries, escaping wrath.
Embracing the lessons, both old and new,
Seeking spiritual redemption, as I do.

No world can contain this restless soul,
As I seek meaning, to make me whole.
In the depths of existence, I find my way,
Through words and actions, day by day.

So let us ponder, with open hearts,
The essence of life, where meaning imparts.
For in this odic force, we're drinking wine,
The monkey's journey, with yours combine.