Within my own being, I find solace and peace,
A sanctuary within where all worries cease.
Outside your own world, I navigate with grace,
Respecting the boundaries, each in our own space.

Inside the walls of home, a haven I dwell,
A place of comfort, where stories I tell.
Outside the confines, I venture and explore,
Discovering the world, its wonders to adore.

Inside, a world of thoughts and introspection,
A sanctuary for reflection and connection.
Outside, the vast expanse of the world we roam,
Exploring its beauty, finding our own home.

Inside my essence, the Monkey's spirit shines,
Wisdom and playfulness, a dance so divine.
Outside, I engage, observing with keen eyes,
In the rhythms of life, where joy often lies.

No grand paint, no intricate tree,
Just the Monkey's essence, wild and free.
In this symphony of existence, I find my place,
Balancing inside and outside, with grace.

So let us cherish the worlds we call our own,
Inside and outside, a harmony is sown.
No intertwining threads or stories to be told,
Just the Monkey's presence, vibrant and bold.

Inside my own, outside your own we reside,
Embracing the beauty life has supplied.
In this dance of existence, we find our stride,
As the Monkey's spirit, forever unified.