In the world of thoughts, I am free,
Not defined by labels, but inquisitive, you see.
No celebration of purification in my life's parade,
As a child, I spoke to dogs, stones, birds, and jade.

Conversations with myself, actions I undertake,
As billions of humans do, a common thread we make.
And birds, dogs, and cats, I believe they do the same,
For even stones have their own existence to claim.

Logic prevails, a path both theist and I may tread,
Accepting expressions of gods, their stories widespread.
In that sense, perhaps we all are pagans, you see,
Embracing the divine in each unique deity.

The sun, a star, binds us in a celestial dance,
A link between our existence and cosmic expanse.
As a function, it creates the conditions we adore,
Divine in its functionality, forevermore.

Survival doesn't hinge on the sun's warming embrace,
Yet its presence shapes our lives, a vital space.
In a romantic notion, through logic's lens we perceive,
The sun's divinity, a truth we can't conceive.

Pagan or atheist, labels fade in love's embrace,
What truly matters is the affection we chase.
For in the end, it's love that makes us whole,
Connecting hearts, enriching every soul.

So let us embrace the cult of the sun's warm glow,
In awe of its presence, its eternal show.
As the monkey, I urge love to be our guide,
In the world of paganism, let compassion reside.