In the vast unknown, complex and wide,
As the monkey, I question with eyes open wide.
Illusions of nationality and pride we see,
Yet their impact varies on the global society.

Born into places, on this planet we arrive,
With DNA, family traits, our lives derive.
But believing my country superior to yours holds no ground,
No reason to believe in such divisions profound.

Friends, too, are not measured by a scale of worth,
For no one's better based on place of birth.
No difference between man and woman claims superiority,
In their uniqueness lies beauty, a harmonious duality.

No order should demand our lives to be given,
No claim of superiority should ever be driven.
I, the monkey, reject such illusions, so untrue,
Embracing education, respect, care, knowledge, and nature too.

No sense of superiority towards any living being,
Even if birds lack consciousness in their way of seeing.
I, the monkey, acknowledge their place in the grand scheme,
Not superior, but connected, part of the universal dream.

Education, respect, care, and knowledge we seek,
Nature's wisdom, a lesson for all who are meek.
Let's unite against nationalism's harmful stride,
Embracing oneness, erasing divisions far and wide.

In this intricate dance of life's enigmatic zone,
Let's foster unity, for we are not alone.
Against the pride of nations, let compassion bloom,
In the face of complexity, let love consume.