In the race against time, no turning back,
As the monkey, I tread a different track.
Mexico, Brasil, Peru, and more in my sight,
Nations diverse, their struggles alight.

From China to Japan, India to Russia's embrace,
America's presence, each with a unique space.
Will my idea solve their freedom's plight?
Caring must come from within, shining bright.

Though everything originates from outside's grasp,
Actions are nurtured, education's clasp.
While survival's path I offer with care,
Simplicity sought, a world more fair.

A job desired, life's dignity in demand,
Opportunity sought, reaching out my hand.
Communities thrive through collective might,
Actions taken together, woven tight.

But pause, does it feel discomfort, my plea?
To make things easier, can it truly be?
In this party of life, let's cast aside,
Unite against division, let compassion be our guide.

For in the end, we share this fleeting time,
A chance to create, a future so sublime.
Let's embrace understanding, let love reside,
In the face of complexity, let unity be our stride.

Running out of time, the clock's hands advance,
No turning back, let's step forward, take a chance.
Together we stand, as the monkey's plea,
A world free from division, where all can be free.