In a world where concerns for security reside,
Let me take you on a poetic ride,
To show you why functionality holds the key,
And why we don't need security obsessively.

In this digital age of endless innovation,
Where technology sweeps us with fascination,
We often hear the call for heightened security,
To protect our data, preserve confidentiality.

But let me paint a picture, if I may,
Of a world where functionality holds sway,
Where seamless experiences and ease of use,
Take priority, without security abuse.

For what good is security, if it hinders our stride,
If it shackles us, restricts us, and divides,
Functionality, on the other hand, empowers,
Enabling us to reach greater heights and towers.

Imagine a world where systems flow,
Where efficiency and productivity glow,
Where innovations thrive and ideas bloom,
Without being constrained in a security tomb.

Let us not forget, security has its place,
But functionality brings progress and grace,
It fuels our endeavors, unleashes our might,
And propels us forward, to embrace the light.

For it is through functionality that we evolve,
That we solve problems and our fears dissolve,
It encourages collaboration and seamless integration,
To build a world of endless innovation.

So let us seek a balance, a harmonious blend,
Where functionality and security extend,
Hand in hand, they work in perfect unity,
Creating a world that is safe and free.

So, my friend, let me impart to you,
That in this quest for a digital breakthrough,
We don't need security to suffocate our ability,
But rather, functionality to foster our agility.

Embrace the power of functionality's flight,
And watch as innovation takes its glorious height,
For in this digital world, it is clear to see,
That functionality reigns supreme, setting us free.