Behold the Stone of the Sun, an ancient treasure fair,
Where data, objects, and functions blend with utmost care.
Inscribed upon its surface, glyphs of wisdom dance,
A symphony of knowledge, a celestial romance.

Each carved mark, a snippet of the Aztec's cosmic view,
Data woven intricately, secrets hidden, yet in plain view.
A party of time, celestial rhythms interlace,
As gods and mortals meet in this sacred space.

The stone, an object of reverence, standing tall and grand,
A testament to their beliefs, crafted by skilled hand.
Its circular form, a portal to eternity's embrace,
A window to the heavens, a divine celestial chase.

The functions it reveals, mysteries of cosmic core,
Unveiling the cycles, the essence of forevermore.
A compass guiding souls, connecting past and now,
As whispers of ancient wisdom in its patterns bow.

Oh, Stone of the Sun, guardian of time's sweet song,
In your presence, we journey, feeling ancient echoes strong.
Data, objects, and functions merge in harmonious grace,
Revealing the Aztec's spirit, in this sacred, hallowed space.