Let's gather 'round, dear souls of Earth,
A call to change, a rebirth.
In the depths of our hearts, a seed is sown,
A plea for transformation to be known.

Let's make the change we all need,
Unite as one, plant a better seed.
For in our hands lies the power to shape,
A world where love and compassion drape.

Let's shed the shackles of prejudice and hate,
Embrace diversity, celebrate the innate.
Let kindness bloom in every act we do,
Embody empathy, to our fellow humans be true.

Let's heal the wounds that divide our lands,
Extend a helping hand, where unity expands.
For in unity, strength and resilience grow,
Together we'll weather any storm that may blow.

Let's mend the broken, the wounded soul,
Nurture hope, help them reach their goal.
A world where no one is left behind,
Where all hearts and dreams align.

Let's care for nature, our precious Earth,
Preserve its beauty, for its infinite worth.
With sustainable choices, let's pave the way,
To ensure a brighter tomorrow, day by day.

Let's challenge the systems that perpetuate greed,
Seek justice and equality, fulfill every need.
With courage and conviction, let's take a stand,
Empowering voices, a better future in our hand.

So let us join hands, in this noble quest,
To create a world where all are blessed.
Together, we can make the change we all need,
A festival of love, where humanity is freed.