As You May Know, Solipsism is the "perfect" condition to be creative. Even when such theory deny others existence, which is false, because I am sure You exist, even if I don't know. As You know, when we are alone doing creative work, we get less obstacles to produce it as we wish to. Naturally. Individualism is not a choice, but a condition. A realtime condition to all of us. Naturally, we need others for many things in our life's, but with or without someone, we talk only in the name of our own individual interpretation of something. Love, Reason, Fair, Faith, Friends, Pain, Art, Music, Literature, etc. We all express our opinion, based on our individual condition to learn and express what we had learn, which most is, what we had experienced what was our individual choices, based on our individual memories. Always our own individual interpretation, always our own individual perspective, always our own individual belief's, always our own life experience. "True" is expressed in time, because the only true is our own individual perception of time, fragmented with our own individual time of perceptions and expressions, that built our own individual interpretation of true, in a perfect condition of severals other trues in relation within. From Buddhism to Christians, theist and atheist's and science, all without exclusion are living in a individual condition of learning in time of ( conscience of what their own individual condition create to explain reality ). So is not wrong to say everyone is living in a false true condition. ( Solipsism - Individualistic ), and that is why we have so many different expressions of many similar subjects or even by the same subject in cause. That is the main reason to accept humanity have intelligence! ( because is creative ) That is a Awesome Skill to learn new perspectives. Is wrong to declare my point of view as the absolute True, but is not wrong to declare that my expression of true is absolute, because it accept errors as part of the true, which means, it accept everything that influence but is not part of. Well, most important of everything is to understand that true comes and goes in time. Truth is a description of precision, not an expression of reality, which when happen, are in fact true, because are expressed in a time precision, with an description we cannot deny it exist. Based on this description, we all live in a solipsistic condition, and because of that, no one should impose their true to anyone else.