From lands near and far, where hope may seem dim,
Children and the poor gather in a humble hymn.
With earnest eyes and hearts filled with grace,
They whisper a message, a plea to embrace.

"Care for us," they implore, their voices so pure,
In unity they stand, their struggles endured.
In their innocence, wisdom they possess,
A profound truth that transcends any excess.

For in their simple lives, they find solace and joy,
Embracing the treasures that hardships employ.
They teach us the value of compassion's embrace,
And remind us of the beauty found in each face.

With open hearts, they offer a sacred deal,
Their humble plea, a bond that's real.
"Care for us, and we shall care for you,
In communion of moments, our spirits renew."

In their laughter and smiles, the world finds its light,
A beacon of hope in the darkest of night.
Through their resilience, they teach us to share,
To lift one another, to show others we care.

So let us not forget these souls so dear,
Their dreams and aspirations, crystal clear.
For the values we hold dear, they embody too,
Their well-being, a testament to what we should do.

In the party of life, let our actions align,
With the song of the children, with the poor's silent sign.
For in caring for them, we care for ourselves,
A bond of humanity that forever compels.

So heed their call, let compassion guide our way,
In their upliftment, a brighter world we display.
For when we care for the least among us all,
We nurture a love that stands firm and tall.