In the world where divine powers reside,
A figure emerges, with judgment implied.
This entity, known as God in its might,
Holds the key to determine one's plight.

With immense authority, choices are made,
To grant or withhold, a life to evade.
In this cosmic theater, a grand decree,
Deciding fates, with vast responsibility.

As this Godlike being surveys the land,
A person stands before, their destiny in hand.
To escape the grip of impending strife,
A payment is offered to preserve their life.

A transaction unfolds, a bargain struck,
A plea for mercy, a stroke of luck.
In exchange for a price, a soul is spared,
Averted is the doom, no longer ensnared.

The weight of consequence, the price agreed,
Averted calamity, as destinies recede.
For in this encounter, a lesson unfolds,
The interplay of mercy, as the tale unfolds.

Yet, questions arise in this intricate dance,
Does mercy and justice find true balance?
When God becomes a mortal, decisions to make,
The fabric of existence, at stake.

For who is worthy to wield such immense might?
To determine fates, to set things right?
The complexities of life, the moral strife,
As mortals grapple with the meaning of life.

In this grand design, the power of choice,
Lies not in the hands of a single voice.
Together we navigate this cosmic expanse,
Embracing the mysteries, as we advance.

So let us ponder this parable profound,
The notion of God, both just and renowned.
For in our own lives, we hold the key,
To shape our destinies, with integrity.