Emerge now, dive into YinYang's embrace,
Where Monkey's message unveils truth and grace.
In the first album, a dream takes its flight,
Symbolized by Thor, the bearer of light.

Odin's demand to wield Thor's mighty hammer,
Illuminates the story, an ethereal stammer.
In the non-space zone, where change intercepts,
Buddha descends, vibrations that connect.

Shiva's translation echoes love and pain,
"Burned in the Hands of Wind - Noisy Silence" reigns.
A letter exchanged, between Buddha and Shiva,
A testament of compassion, a gift that delivers.

Monkey, the receiver of Shiva's insight,
Shares the knowledge, day and night.
Not just a deity's voice, but a human soul,
Declaring, "We are the Ones," to make us whole.

Shiva's signals, woven like snakes so grand,
Whispering truths, within our innermost strand.
See and listen, like birds with hearts that feel,
Embrace the emotions, let understanding reveal.

Invisible frequencies hold the key,
To unravel Shiva's truth, for all to see.
A catalyst for change, a personal quest,
To detect the evil within, and manifest our best.

An internal spiritual upgrade we seek,
To transform behaviors, the future we'll tweak.
Monkey's mission, with global aim,
To ignite human care, and fan freedom's flame.

In the world, attention we'll ignite,
With a solution rooted in love, shining bright.
For within each heart, the will to be free,
To share the sense of freedom, a harmonious decree.

So, heed Monkey's message, let it inspire,
On summer nights, let love's breeze transpire.
In the euclidean space, where souls unite,
Embrace the pain and love, let darkness take flight.