In the world of the Chinese zodiac, a wondrous sight,
The Monkey, hailed as king, shines with radiant light.
Persons of the twelve signs, a consensus they find,
For the Monkey's wisdom and aid, all souls are aligned.

Once upon a time, a challenge arose,
A problem so daunting, it brought everyone's woes.
The zodiacs sought solutions, but none could prevail,
Until the Monkey stepped forth, with a clever tale.

With wit and cunning, he devised a plan,
To mend the broken bonds between every clan.
Using his agile mind and resourceful might,
The Monkey brought unity, shining through the night.

With a mischievous grin and a playful heart,
He brought laughter and joy, a healing art.
His actions spoke louder than words could convey,
As he turned sorrow into a joyous display.

The Rat and Ox, with gratitude in their eyes,
The Tiger and Rabbit, their spirits did rise.
The Dragon and Snake, in awe of his might,
The Horse and Sheep, basking in his light.

The Monkey's leadership, a beacon so bright,
Guiding them all towards harmony's height.
The Rooster and Dog, inspired by his ways,
The Pig, grateful for peaceful and prosperous days.

With each passing moment, the Monkey reigned,
As the king of all zodiacs, his title sustained.
His selfless acts of service, a testament true,
To the power of unity, and what love can do.

So let us honor the Monkey, wise and kind,
For his role as the king, in the hearts of humankind.
He taught us the value of working together,
To overcome challenges, now and forever.

In the kingdom of the zodiac, he'll forever stand,
The Monkey, the king, with an outstretched hand.
A symbol of hope, of friendship so grand,
United as one, in a harmonious land.