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made by Boom Festival In the Year 2016
World Wide Shamanic Call

In untamed paths, where mystic winds do roam,
A shamanic call from Boom's sacred home.
In the year of 2016, whispers in the breeze,
"We came in peace," echoing through the trees.

Across vast lands and waters, it did resound,
A beckoning to souls, in search profound.
Amongst the seekers, two spirits embraced,
Monkey and Little Dragon, their destinies traced.

Monkey, agile and mischievous in his way,
With nimble steps, he'd dance and sway.
His eyes ablaze with a spark of ancient fire,
A jester's heart, filled with boundless desire.

Little Dragon, small yet fierce, a force untold,
In her essence, secrets of the ancients unfold.
Her scales shimmered with ethereal grace,
A guardian spirit, with wisdom in her embrace.

Through Boom's gates they ventured, hand in hand,
A trance zone awaited, where worlds would expand.
In vibrant hues, the stage was set aflame,
As rhythms pulsated, their souls became untamed.

Monkey, with his tricks, leapt high and low,
His laughter echoed, setting hearts aglow.
Through the night, he wove tales with his art,
Unveiling the mysteries hidden deep in the heart.

Little Dragon, with her breath of ancient core,
Whispered wisdom, like never heard before.
Her serpentine dance, a spellbinding sight,
Guiding lost souls toward the path of light.

Together they weaved enchantment and delight,
In the shamanic world, where day turned to night.
Their energies combine, a harmonious blend,
Awakening spirits, on a journey without end.

As the trance zone embraced the cosmic flow,
Monkey and Little Dragon, with spirits aglow,
They carried the essence of Boom's sacred call,
Spreading love and unity, touching one and all.

From that year of 2016, their story took flight,
A timeless tale of magic, in the worlds of light.
In every heart that danced to the shamanic beat,
Monkey and Little Dragon's presence shall greet.