In the world of choices, where paths unfold,
I, the monkey, embrace the stories untold.
As the Gate Keeper, the Portal, the Path,
I beckon you, dear reader, to venture forth.

Pay heed, for new doors may soon appear,
Opportunities beckon, removing any fear.
Do you wish to accompany me on this quest?
Or shall you stay, and learn from the rest?

Doors can open wide or close with a sigh,
Revealing experiences that money can't buy.
They gift us with wisdom, as we surrender,
Immersed in moments, our souls engender.

I am but a door, and so are you,
As you read these words, our connection rings true.
In the dialogue we share, my voice is your guide,
A conversation unfolding, side by side.

Decisions aren't always clear or right,
But through mistakes, we gain insight.
While logic may falter, lessons are learned,
And in our journey, growth is discerned.

Good decisions offer a sense of security,
Yet true security lies beyond certainty.
Information safeguards our choices anew,
Setting limits to the paths we pursue.

Pay attention, dear reader, to the choices you make,
For they mold your being, each step you take.
They are not merely expressions of your own,
But a party of life, intricately sewn.

So, let us navigate this open door,
Embrace the uncertainty, seek to explore.
Together we'll journey, in wisdom we'll find,
In the world of choices, our destinies connected.