In the depths of this text, keys forgotten in Time, yet near,
Revealing answers sought, as clarity draws that you can see here.
A simplified description of our existence's plight,
A quest to free ourselves from the mad system's pride.

Open the first door, where possibilities reside,
Fun solutions crafted, to help humanity stride.
Illusions, though true, birth creations,
For creativity is intelligence's expressions.

In our brain, symbolic illusions bloom,
Where spirituality and science connected, in a sacred room.
Education shapes our behaviors, society's reflection,
Creating conditions, leading to diverse expressions.

For those less light-sensitive, drugs may provide,
Deeper consciousness, where reality's secrets hide.
Monkey, the peaceful messenger, extends his embrace,
Voices divine emerging, rare gifts in this space.

To receive such insights, shamanic perception is the key,
Living in constant flow, open and unconditionally free.
In this magnetic world, a positive path we must tread,
To survive and thrive, with willpower ahead.

Monkey's solution lies in unraveling social woe,
Testing every facet, as problems come and go.
Through wrongness, we seek the best choices to find,
In this conditional world, where time waits not behind.

In the dance of peace, where zeros meet,
Doors unlock, revealing a game, both bold and sweet.
Yin and yang harmonize, within the magnetic sphere,
Visions unfold, trust guiding, dispelling all fear.

Embrace the box of life, where possibilities reside,
At the festival of existence, let your soul be your guide.
For time is our companion, urging us to explore,
A world awaiting discovery, forevermore.