In the world of words, where meaning takes flight,
A monkey's voice joins, shining with insight.
Dominated by time, ruled by desire,
I share my thoughts, fueling your inner fire.
As simple as that, attention often wanes,
In the words of others, little interest remains.
In my journey through life, time slipping away,
I sense the apathy, as words go astray.
Yet, solutions aren't always what I seek,
My purpose lies in motivation's unique.
To inspire your choices, ignite your inner flame,
To empower you, as you embrace life's game.
Time, the ruler that governs our days,
With every passing moment, it silently decays.
But amidst the ticking clocks, desire drives us on,
Yearning for fulfillment, until our time is gone.
In this world of words, where meanings reside,
I, the monkey, express with heartfelt stride.
With every line, I beckon your attention,
To seize the moments, escape the worlds of tension.
For in the journey of life, we must heed,
The wisdom of others, their thoughts we need.
Pay attention to voices, both near and afar,
For in shared experiences, we find who we are.
So, let my words echo through the passing time,
May they resonate, in your heart's prime.
As the monkey's voice guides, with gentle sway,
Embrace the wisdom, choose your path each day.