In the world of words, where meaning takes shape,
A monkey's voice joins, no detail to escape.
To simplify, I'll share what I can see,
Shamanic signals, expressed between zero and one, with glee.

In the perfect moment, time's precision unveiled,
Dao, Dao, the path where life's essence is hailed.
Yang, the foundation, equal to zero's embrace,
Yin, its counterpart, bringing grace to this space.

Life unfolds, a dance of one and zero's blend,
Light illuminates, with precision's message to send.
For light grants us expression, with brilliance it's rife,
A symphony of life, flowing through this mortal life.

Without expression, life's spark fades away,
No light, no form, no vibrant display.
Yet even Yin, in its tranquil domain,
Yearns for expression, a voice to sustain.

For each aspect cares for its unique expression,
In the party of existence, it leaves an impression.
As the monkey within me, I embrace this divine art,
Honoring the balance, guided by wisdom's chart.
Bigger or equal to zero, the starting point we hold,
A journey of discovery, stories yet untold.
In this dance of existence, I find my role,
Expressing life's essence, from within my soul.

So let us remember, as we wander this domain,
Our expressions give life its vibrant refrain.
From zero to one, from Yin to Yang's call,
We find purpose in each expression's thrall.

In this world of words, where meaning takes flight,
I, the monkey, stand humble, seeking truth's light.
With reverence for precision, in every verse I weave,
A testament to life's magic, for all to perceive.