For Educational Proposes Only

Close Your Eyes, What Can You See, What Can You Do?

Open You Eyes, What Can You See, What Can You Do?

This is Our Challenge, like Life is, so We are Free to Play!

Signals of Time: No matter what We think, but what we Do!

Some way or another, we all care

Imagine it, as a Karma

Healing game

your personal Curriculum Vitae

with all your Civic actions

Social actions are political actions

while you will realize...

I am a Music lover, Nature lover, Animals lover and mostly Human lover

just Because I Love My Own Nature!

The process of education is based on repetition

For those who don't have the will to Care Nature environment

because they have no motivation...

because even those who cannot possess need to survive...

is because each action, express each choice, love!

is because even life cost money, as you already know, almost sure...

is because conditions need to survive, as you may know, if you can...

not because the concept of different coins, coins represent value...

not because the condition of different objects being different, represents value...

value is always and always be expressed by choice!

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