In the world of words, where meanings take flight,
A monkey's voice joins, seeking truth and light.
For educational purposes, let's embark,
Close your eyes, and see beyond the dark.

Open your eyes, what visions do you behold?
What actions can you take, what stories unfold?
This challenge we face, mirrors life's sway,
In this world, we're free to play our way.

Time's signals guide us, beyond thoughts alone,
It's through our actions that true seeds are sown.
Caring, in some way or another, we find,
A karma healing game, for hearts to unwind.

Our personal vitae, a reflection of who we are,
Civic actions woven into life's memoir.
Social and political, combined in stride,
As we discover, they're one, side by side.

For I am a lover of music's sweet grace,
Of nature's beauty, animals we embrace.
But above all, it's humanity I hold dear,
Because I love the essence, it's crystal clear.

Education's process, built on repetition's sway,
For those lacking care for nature's display.
Motivation lacking, for survival's plea,
For even those who possess not, need to be.

In this world where money dictates our pace,
Where conditions demand survival's embrace,
Coins may differ, objects hold diverse sway,
But value, always expressed by choices we lay.

So let us be the monkey, wise and true,
Embracing our conscience, both me and you.
In this social toolkit, we'll cleanse the soul,
And let compassion and love become our goal.
No world, no paint, but actions to define,
As the monkey's voice echoes, a universal sign.