In timeless depths where mystic whispers sway,
Behold the tale of 道, Yin Yang's ballet.
From shadowed realms to radiant embrace,
A dance of harmony, primordial grace.

道, the cosmic river, boundless and free,
Unfolds its wisdom with gentle decree.
A symphony of Yin, with tranquil embrace,
In moonlit veils, a gentle, yielding trace.

In Yin's gentle kiss, the essence takes form,
Soft whispers of dusk, tranquil and warm.
In sacred hush, the stillness holds sway,
As Yin's gentle breath unveils the day.

Yet Yang, the vibrant force, stirs in the core,
With fiery ardor, its essence does soar.
A dance of light, fierce and unrestrained,
Igniting passions, a tempest unchained.

道, in harmony, the two combine,
Yin and Yang, a cosmic design.
A sacred union, their essence are fine,
A festival of balance, divinely aligned.
In Yin's nurturing caress, the seeds take root,
While Yang's fierce vigor, they start to shoot.
A dance of creation, eternal for all man,
In the cosmic theater, nature's command.

From darkness to light, and light back to dark,
The ebb and flow, a celestial arc.
道's wisdom whispers, a gentle decree,
Embrace both Yin and Yang, find unity.

For in the balance of duality's sway,
The essence of finds its righteous way.
Embrace the dance of Yin and Yang's refrain,
And find the道's wisdom, forever sustain.