In the land of dreams, at Boom Festival I found,
With friends by my side, a world so profound.
Perceptions shifted, boundaries unfurled,
A solipsistic journey, a vision of my own world.

In the monkey's gaze, a fantastic sight,
Where life's colors danced in vibrant light.
Doors swung open, revealing new worlds,
In the monkey's world, an experience overwhelms.

Call it a dream, call it what you may,
In the monkey's heart, memories forever stay.
Boom Festival, a party of sights and sounds,
Where the monkey's spirit joyously bounds.

Individualistic expressions, like ripples on a pond,
In this solipsistic journey, a truth beyond.
The monkey's point of view, a window to the soul,
A fantastical adventure, where dreams take their toll.

No need for worlds or tangled party,
In the monkey's world, pure authenticity.
A woven narrative, spun by the mind,
As the monkey's dreams unfold, combined.

Boom Festival, a symphony of delight,
Where the monkey's spirit takes flight.
In this awesome paint of sights and dreams,
The monkey's essence, forever gleams.

So call it a dream, call it what you wish,
In the monkey's heart, memories cherish.
For at Boom Festival, the monkey's soul soared,
A solipsistic journey, forever adored.