The united colors, a message is borne,
Whispered by Hanuman, the enlightened and forlorn.
He speaks of discipline, the key to our strife,
For harmony in humanity, the essence of life.

Deep concentration, a skill we possess,
To delve within ourselves, find inner success.
Yellow energy ablaze, his chakra burning bright,
Guiding us on the path, through darkness and light.

In the sky, a dance of Shiva and Kali,
A vision of the future, where love does not lie.
But the message is delayed, a cosmic twist,
Yet Hanuman persists, his purpose not dismissed.

Through festivals and celebrations, a human paradox,
He seeks a connection, to mend the earthly locks.
A contact with shields, to protect the vulnerable,
For love and compassion, unbreakable and durable.

From the underground, beneath the waves so deep,
He rises to the heavens, where dreams forever sleep.
Sky Mood Productions, a cosmic rendezvous,
A chance to spread his message, to hearts anew.

In this world of strife, where choices must be made,
Hanuman dares us to love, not let our spirits fade.
A tribute to freedom, a campaign for human rights,
To heal the wounds of karma, embrace the divine light.

For he holds the key, to a future we can create,
A world of balance, where love and duty conflate.
So heed his message, let it ring through the air,
Hanuman's call to action, a reminder to care.

Embrace the path he offers, with courage and grace,
For in this big festival of life, we find our rightful place.
Choose love over death, let the paradox unwind,
And together we'll soar, leaving darkness behind.