Shiva and Kali Dance is a fully description of the full vision and a fully message of the prevision. Because humanity and harmonic life in community needs discipline, there isn’t any way to escape from it to have positive results to human balance existence. Humanity should have time to make a deep concentration, because they have those skills and because they had learned how important they are, from human history. It was the moment to learn about Chakras theories and use them, as my active chakra is represented as a burning box as yellow energy. As human, I breath air, and this reality surrounded by air, build with electricity, which connect to all of us with magnetism, the flow was to follow any cosmic attraction. Even accepting that all this message would have a delay, I need to focus in real solutions because Dao will, was to gain harmony itself in this world wide competition full of parties and celebrations. Because that, and because my personal situation ask for simple solutions, I target Boom Festival to make a real world wide Boom, in my first contact, asking a path of shields, not only to protect anyone who can be unprotected but because Dao ask for it. From the underground, more deeply from underwater, I should get the Sky for the love of all human race. As harmony get harmonic signals, Sky Mood Production come in my way like many other random events to find artists, but in time and accepting the first work I wish to publish, that is a tribute to freedom and life balance in a Human Rights Campaign format, that can make some big difference to protect human rights. Not included in this album, but included in the prevision, I am the one who could make it happen, helping world wide Karma, to heal itself in this life experience, and giving humanity the chance to create a new perspective of freedom and duty to all, in a simple explosive message with a simplified resume of Dao will