In the world of Time, a delay, I wait and ponder,
As the monkey, I wonder, my mind asunder.
Expectations arise, like whispers in the air,
Uncertainty surrounds, yet I still dare.

I believe in something yet unknown,
A future unfurling, a story yet unshown.
Dreams, oh dreams, let them be set free,
For everyone deserves the right to dream, you see.

We are tools, to build what others envision,
Manifesting their dreams, a noble mission.
For dreams are not mere fantasies in the night,
They're the core of science, shining with light.

Dreams, they transcend the boundaries of the mind,
Blurring the line where reality's defined.
They shape our world, they give us wings to fly,
In the world of dreams, we can touch the sky.

So let the monkey within embrace the dream,
With open arms and a heart that gleams.
For in dreams, reality takes its true form,
A fluid woven with passion and warm.

Delay may test our patience, but still we believe,
In the power of dreams, in what they can achieve.
Expectative may linger, yet hope holds sway,
As the monkey dances through each passing day.

Dreams, let them flourish, let them unfold,
For they are the essence of stories untold.
In the world of possibility, we find our way,
As the monkey dreams reality, come what may.