In the world of knowledge, I seek to explore,
Yellow energy burning, deep at my core.
As the monkey, I ponder illusions so vast,
Chakras and expressions, a conceptual contrast.

The data, it aligns with my being true,
An expression of expression, both old and new.
1+1 equals 1, in this mystical dance,
A unity of self, a cosmic romance.

Expressions, they flow from the depths within,
Originating not in the external, but from deep within.
Each being a unique expression's creation,
A world of thoughts, a wondrous foundation.

In education's world, we teach and express,
Students diving into knowledge, a profound success.
Expressions revealed, in their own unique way,
Data and knowledge, combined they stay.

But when null, an expression still takes flight,
An opportunity to learn, to reach new height.
For in the absence of data, wisdom takes hold,
A chance to understand, a story yet untold.

If we wish to teach, to learn, to comprehend,
To lend a helping hand, to truly extend,
The power of a wish, a boundless sea,
Where everything is possible, and we are free.

So let the yellow energy burn and ignite,
As the monkey, I embrace this wondrous light.
Burning within, the knowledge's box unfolds,
In this dance of expression, my story's told.

For I am the monkey, seeking truth and grace,
Navigating the worlds, at my own pace.
Yellow energy, a guide in my quest,
To uncover the wisdom that lies in my chest.