In the world of the future, I find my place,
As the monkey, I embrace cosmic grace.
Naturally drawn to the resonance within,
Sensitivity guiding, where to begin.

Vibrational frequencies, the music of life,
In its rhythmic dance, I let go of strife.
The body moves freely, without any task,
Entranced by the melodies, no need to ask.

Cosmic attractions, they pull me along,
As I explore the depths, where stars belong.
With every beat, my spirit takes flight,
In this cosmic symphony, pure delight.

I am the monkey, wild and free,
In the cosmic orchestra, finding harmony.
Each note resonates, within my soul,
Connecting to the universe, as a whole.

The future unfolds, in cosmic hues,
I dance with the galaxies, I cannot refuse.
With each step, I align with the divine,
A monkey exploring the cosmic design.

So let the music guide, in its ethereal flow,
As the monkey, I surrender, letting go.
For in the cosmic attraction, I find my home,
A vibrant party, where dreams are sown.

Naturally drawn to the cosmic symphony,
I revel in its beauty, with boundless glee.
With sensitivity and grace, I explore,
The future awaits, forevermore.