In the depths of perception, where senses connected,
I, the monkey, explore worlds so divine.
For sound and image shape our reality,
And certain drugs unveil what others can't see.
Only the light-sensitive souls are aware,
Of Odic force phenomena, rare and fair.
Von Reichenbach sought to prove their existence,
Oh, Science, the pursuit of knowledge's persistence.
Math and logic may not be my forte,
But I embrace their presence without delay.
For logic, I question life's very core,
And ponder if zodiacs hold truths to explore.
Spirituality, too, stands before science's gaze,
As I inquire if it conforms to logical ways.
What is logic? I ask the world of reason,
Interpretation of reality, our soul's expression.
Creativity, a world where thoughts take flight,
Defining what we believe, in the world of light.
Logic is the choices we consciously make,
Guiding our path, the decisions we undertake.
Imagination, exponential and vast,
The brain's activity, where ideas amass.
Information's expression, the mind's dance,
The choices we make, in life's complex expanse.
Science and spirituality, a challenge profound,
In between lies a world yet to be found.
But let us return to emotional signals, so pure,
Where shamanic visions and psychedelic allure.
In this world, the monkey finds its bliss,
Transcending boundaries, tasting the abyss.
For the mind expands beyond what we know,
In the world of psychedelic interpretations, we grow.