In the jungle's embrace, where wisdom resides,
The monkey ponders with eyes open wide.
Respect, it chatters, a call from within,
To honor the sacredness life holds within.

Spiritual life, a shimmering flame,
Guiding our hearts, despite any claim.
With reverence, we shall hold it dear,
Embracing its essence, crystal clear.

Nature's party, a masterpiece divine,
Each thread of life, an intricate design.
From the soaring eagle to the gentle breeze,
Respect for all beings, from mountains to seas.

Natives' lands, a heritage of old,
Their freedom, a tale waiting to be told.
We shall honor their roots, their ancestral bond,
With respect, their stories shall correspond.

Interpretations varied, a party of belief,
In diverse ways, spirits find their relief.
Respect all paths, for wisdom they hold,
Unveiling mysteries, as their stories unfold.

So let us heed the monkey's call,
To respect and honor, one and all.
In the unity of souls, we shall thrive,
Respecting spiritual life as we strive.