In the depths of the forest, where secrets reside,
The monkey chatters with eyes open wide.
Energy, it whispers, courses through all,
From the tallest trees to the creatures so small.

Organic fields, a dance of pure grace,
Each blade of grass, a soulful embrace.
If we are energy, boundless and free,
So too is everything, as far as we see.

Within our being, a soul takes flight,
A spark of existence, shining so bright.
And in every corner, in every living thing,
A soul resides, a song it does sing.

The rivers that flow, the mountains so high,
The creatures that roam beneath the sky,
All connected by a cosmic thread,
Energy and soul, forever spread.

To have a soul is to express and unfold,
In every breath, a story to be told.
The monkey knows, in its playful way,
That energy and soul are here to stay.

So let us embrace this truth untold,
In unity, we shall all behold,
The interconnectedness that makes us whole,
In organic fields, energy and soul.