In the depths of the jungle, where spirits reside,
I, the monkey, in reverence, do confide.
Respecting spiritual life, the unseen,
In organic fields, where wisdom convenes.

I remember why I was chosen to be,
A messenger of truth, for all to see.
A warning I carry, with utmost respect,
A human test, to make us reflect.

Into the unknown, we flow with grace,
Seeking the light, in this earthly space.
Believe in the power that resides within,
To overcome madness, let love begin.

Welcome the challenges that come our way,
For they shape us, as we move and sway.
With courage and strength, we carry on,
Embracing the eternal delay, until it is gone.

So let us roam this world, with hearts aligned,
Embracing the wisdom that we're designed.
In the paint of existence, we'll leave our mark,
Moving forward, united, through light and dark.